The charity is in its 45th year of operation and has ambitious plans to expand its
operation as the threats to cats across the planet increases, habitats diminish and the illegal trade in wildlife, continues unabated.

The challenge

Daily, there is incursion into habitats which are destroyed as we increasingly encroach upon the earth. New ways need to be found so that we can coexist with species that are simply being displaced by our activity, a position that need not be the case.

The Cats Survival Trust recognises the value of the Wildcats of the world. We also
recognise the inextricable links that cats place in the food chain across a whole range of natural habitats. Their role as apex predator however is being usurped as humankind increasingly encroaches upon natural habitats and now many species around the world face extinction.

The Cats Survival Trust is a relatively unique charity with very low-cost overheads but however efficient, all charities need financial support. For years they have relied on almost entirely voluntary support. They don’t tolerate expensive overheads, chief executive salaries or board positions and this isn’t going to change any time soon.

Almost the help the trust receives externally goes directly to what it was designed to do, to support the cats, take the mission forward and get the message out.

The solution

The trust reached out to us to design and build an eCommerce solution and supporting website to support charitable donations, raise awareness and deliver a clear and honest message about how important the work is that they do for the preservation of rainforest and the welfare of these precious animals.

Having worked through some great design concepts and ideas driven by the User Experience (UX), we are currently in the phase we really excel at, the development and build.