IPP provide a global print service to B2B companies. They have an international network of hubs, through which they can print, distribute and store your marketing collateral, no matter where it is needed in the world.

The team of account managers  oversee the entire process; giving you complete peace of mind, and our online production management solution enables you to track the progress of your job 24/7, from start to finish.

The challenge

With so many physically and digitally disparate, moving  parts involved in a global print service company with an international network of hubs, how best to centrally manage and reduce back-office processing.

The solution would need to manage print, distribution, storage of marketing collateral, no matter where it would be needed in the world. At the same time it would need to enable the internal team of account managers to oversee the entire process; providing complete peace of mind to customers, enable tracking of progress 24/7, from start to finish.

The solution

Helping IPP Design and Develop a Hub Management System

We provided a greenfield design and development of SOA enterprise wide solution enabling Print Production, Design and Warehouse storage and distribution to be managed by a single web and mobile based workflow driven hub.

Significant cost savings introduced by automation and digital management of processes into a centralised, component based design hub, allowing the business to offer reduced costs to customers and increased profitability.

Project details