Quick recap. What is .NET MAUI?

.NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) is a cross-platform framework for creating native mobile and desktop apps with C# and XAML. It enables cross-platform development for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Tizen. It is designed to create the best app experience available, just as though it was a natively designed application.

Using .NET MAUI, you can develop apps that can run on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows from a single shared code-base.

The joy of cross-platform development is that apps look and feel like they were built for each operating system without the need for additional code. .NET MAUI uses native UI via the premier app toolkits supplied by each platform and Microsoft’s fastest mobile platform to date paired with modern developer productivity.

And... What is Blazor?

Blazor is a web framework that allows developers to build interactive web applications using C# and .NET. It eliminates the need for JavaScript and allows for server-side rendering, making it a popular choice for web development.

With Blazor, developers can use their existing knowledge of C# and .NET to create responsive and interactive web applications.

Note: For a more detailed introduction to Blazor, please read this Blazor introductory blog to get acquainted.

Blazor Hybrid applications with .NET MAUI

Blazor Hybrid support is built into the .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) framework. .NET MAUI includes the BlazorWebView control that permits rendering Razor components into an embedded Web View. By using .NET MAUI and Blazor together, you can reuse one set of web UI components across mobile, desktop, and web.

Note: For a more detailed introduction to .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid, please read  this Blazor MAUI introductory Blazor Hybrid blog article to get acquainted.

What gives Assemblysoft an advantage over other software companies offering .NET MAUI developers?

Our UK and European based development team specialises in .NET, Blazor and .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid. Simply put this means it is what we do, day in day out, for our clients and partners. We focus on delivering solutions that revolve around .NET MAUI and Blazor to ensure we remain the most skilled and knowledgeable Blazor developers you can find for your project.

Our UK and European based development team specialise in .NET, Blazor and .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid

Assemblysoft provides custom development services targeting .NET MAUI

If you would like some assistance with .NET MAUI | Azure | Azure DevOps Services | Blazor Development then please get in touch, we would be glad to help.

What are the danger signs to look out for when selecting a .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid development partner?

Many companies will offer .NET MAUI Blazor application services because they have a history with .NET but the likelihood is that this will end up costing you valuable investment of time and money as you need to wait for them to learn Blazor and MAUI during the development of your application.

You may well end up waiting for the team to skill up with Blazor Hybrid at the cost of your budget and resources as getting it right requires extensive experience.


Assemblysoft is not just seasoned with over 25 years in the realm of software development but is also renowned for its adaptable, multi-disciplinary team. The hallmark of our approach is the capability to crossover roles seamlessly during various phases of the project lifecycle. This fluidity ensures that at each phase, the project benefits from a concentration of relevant expertise, while also ensuring that the broader context is never lost.

Phases where role crossover is particularly beneficial include:

Planning & Design:

In this phase, Senior Architects frequently adopt a consultative demeanour, safeguarding that proposed designs are not only technically viable but also cohesively aligned with overarching architectural objectives. Simultaneously, our Senior UI/UX and Graphic Designers pivot to work in tandem with Developers, ensuring that designs are not only aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly but also technically actionable, thereby marrying functionality with user-centric design.


Amidst active development, it’s commonplace for Senior Developers to assume an architectural mindset, executing pivotal design decisions dynamically. Similarly, Mid-Level Developers may sporadically adopt a senior stance, spearheading specific modules or features, while Senior UI/UX Designers ensure that user experience remains a focal point, adjusting designs as needed to align with developing functionalities.

Testing & Quality Assurance:

While each project is allocated a dedicated QA analyst/tester, we acknowledge that every team member, inclusive of our Senior UI/UX and Graphic Designers, brings a primary skill set that often dovetails into QA roles. This is particularly evident during user acceptance testing, ensuring that the product adheres not only to technical specifications but is also finely tuned to business and user needs, balancing technical robustness with intuitive user interfaces.

Deployment & Feedback:

Post-deployment, Developers, Architects, Senior UI/UX Designers, and QA amalgamate roles, collating feedback, addressing issues, and ensuring that the product is seamlessly integrated into the client’s ecosystem, achieving the envisioned business outcomes while maintaining a sterling user experience. The insights from the UI/UX team, in particular, become crucial in refining and iterating the product based on real-world user interactions and feedback, ensuring the solution not only meets but exceeds user expectations and business objectives.

The Assemblysoft advantage for .NET MAUI support

As .NET MAUI is a relatively new offering in terms of maturity, there remain a number of challenges that are not readily solved by existing libraries and documentation. As our development team at Assemblysoft have already completed a number of applications that are in production, we have already encountered and solved these challenges, saving you time and money as we leverage our deep experience.

A Unique Insight into Your Development Journey

Ensuring our clients feel integrally involved and perpetually informed throughout the development process, we curate a journey that seamlessly marries agile principles with unparalleled transparency. We are steadfast in our commitment to maintaining an unwavering alignment with our client's visions, ensuring every stakeholder not only witnesses but actively participates in each pivotal juncture of the project. Let's delve into our distinctive steps and how they contribute to this transparent, agile journey:

Dynamic Development & Rigorous Code Review:

  • Mobile Development: Engage in utilising .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid, crafting a mobile application that ensures consistency and peak performance across all user interactions.
  • Web Development: Deploy Blazor Full Stack Web UI to sculpt a web presence that's both interactive and performance-oriented.
  • Code Reviews: Administer meticulous code reviews via Azure DevOps pull requests, safeguarding cross-platform consistency and quality.

Interactive Multi-Environment Deployment on Azure:

  • Hand-On Experience: By implementing Assemblysoft’s deployment methodologies across Azure environments (development, staging, and production), we provide stakeholders with tangible interactions, offering firsthand experiences with evolving systems.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Encouraging immediate reflections and insights, this direct interaction with live versions epitomises our commitment to agility and client responsiveness.

Uninterrupted Integration via CI/CD Setup:

  • Automation with Azure: Integrate and automate processes such as testing and deployment across mobile and web platforms using Azure DevOps, interwoven meticulously with Azure cloud capabilities.

Live Dashboard for Real-Time Project Visualisation:

  • Visual Status Reports: Introduce a dynamic dashboard on Azure, granting stakeholders a real-time visual insight into the ongoing project status, thereby enhancing transparency regarding progress and potential bottlenecks.

Engaging Weekly Video Progress Snapshots:

  • Progress Highlights: Share illuminative weekly video reports, spotlighting developmental milestones and technological incorporations, ensuring stakeholders are consistently abreast of advancements and adaptations.


Partner Credentials: Embracing Honesty, Simplicity, and True Partnership

In the ever-evolving digital frontier, what sets a partner apart is not just technological expertise but the pillars of honesty, transparency, and an ability to simplify complexities. Assemblysoft stands tall on these principles, offering unmatched expertise in Blazor, .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid, and Azure Cloud Development. Our commitment extends beyond mere solutions – we recognize that delivering cutting-edge solutions benefits both parties, paving the way for mutual growth and long-term collaboration.

Crafting the Future Together Our distinction lies in our transparent approach and our capacity to blend different technologies into cohesive, simple solutions. We always prioritise clarity, transparency, and partnership. We recognize that when we deliver exceptional, innovative solutions, it's not just a win for our clients but a testament to a symbiotic partnership.

At the intersection of Blazor, .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid, and Azure Cloud Development is the future of digital solutions. With Assemblysoft as your trusted partner, you're not merely navigating this new era; you're pioneering it. Together, let's craft a future defined by transparency, simplicity, and mutual growth. Choose Assemblysoft for a journey of collaborative success.

At Assemblysoft we specialise in Custom Software Development tailored to your requirements. We can onboard and add value to your business rapidly. We are an experienced Full-stack development team able to provide specific technical expertise or manage your project requirements end to end. We specialise in the Microsoft cloud and .NET Solutions and Services. Our developers are Microsoft Certified. We have real-world experience developing .NET applications and Azure Services for a large array of business domains. If you would like some assistance with Azure | Azure DevOps Services | Blazor Development | .NET MAUI Development or in need of custom software development, from an experienced development team in the United Kingdom, then please get in touch, we would love to add immediate value to your business.

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